Brokers Support
Brokers Support

Five Star Dispatch

Take control of your business and run it the right way!

Five Star Dispatch is a fully functional web-based dispatching tool for effectively and easily managing your loads, customers, carriers and payables!

We provide full training and support in an easy to learn platform that you can get up and running immediately!

Check Out Our Five Star Features

What you get and why it’s great

Load Manager

A personal dashboard to easily view, track & manage your trucks, loads & business.

Manage Payables

Brokers can easily manage and run payables for carriers.

Access Your Cash Now

Seamless integration with eCapital!** Get instant access to the cash you need to run your business!

Detailed Reporting

Use our advanced reporting tool for viewing and analyzing all aspects of your business.

Credit Checks

Instant credit details available on all brokers and shippers. Credit provided by eCapital.

Get Started Today

Free support and no contracts required! Get started. No contracts required and free support when you need it.

Feature List Freight Brokers
Number of Carriers Unlimited Carriers
Unlimited Users
Customizable Preferences
Manage Staff
Manage Drivers
Manage Carriers
Manage Shippers
Manage Recievers
Manage Customers
Manage Trucks
Manage Trailers
Manage Custom Brokers
Manage Factoring Companies
Load Manager Dashboard
Instant Credit Checks *
Driver Load Confirmations
Customizable Rate Confirmations
Complete File Storage
Detailed Invoice Manager
Integration with QB Online
Submit Invoices for Factoring **
Advanced Driver Pay
Advanced Carrier Pay

Introductory Pricing

Monthly Fee, No contracts!
All rates in USD plus applicable taxes


Full Broker Package
Launching Summer 2022 »

* Provided by eCapital Freight Factoring
** Must be an eCapital client

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